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About Us


In 1883, the Courthouse cornerstone was placed in the center of town square where it remains today. In 1885 the courthouse officially open to the public.  The courthouse was operational for 10 years before a fire gutted much of the inside.  The building was reconstructed and operational until 1976 when the county relocated to the current county complex located at 1045 Independence Blvd.  one mile north of downtown Charlotte. CSA officially took over the maintenance and care of the building and grounds (as well as the 1845 Courthouse and 1873 Sheriff's Residence) in November of 1993.  Since then our goal has been to preserve and share the history of Eaton County with everyone. Currently the upper two floors of the 1845 and 1885 Courthouse are a public museum and rental venue. Located on the 1885's ground floor and in the 1873 Sheriff Residence are office and retail spaces.

museum Staff

Julie Kimmer - Museum Manager

Julie serves in the community in various ways from managing Courthouse Square to assisting the Historical Commission. She also loves history and has been with the museum for over 15 years filling in various roles from planning major events to even the dirty job of cleaning the bathrooms. She handles more of the administrative/day-to-day running of the museum but isn't afraid to get her hands dirty and get right to work, whether its painting or fixing the boiler.

Sherry Copenhaver - Collections Manager

Sherry came on board as Collections Manager in September of 2018. She has been a volunteer with Eaton County Genealogical Society since 2006 and is in charge of their website and databases. Sherry has worked with the CSA staff over the years with joint projects and such, and she is excited to now learn about museum tasks!

We also have many volunteers and without them we could not do what we do!

Thank you to our Wednesday men and our Thursday ladies who come in and fill in the various roles/jobs that need to be done on those days.

Board of Directors

We couldn't do what we do with out the support of our amazing Board of Directors.

Thank you to each and every one of you!

Rod Weaver - Board President
Jeannette Sommer - Vice President
Kim Curran - Secretary
Gary Colles - Treasurer
Board of Trustees:
Bob Monschein                                                                Drew Kepler
Sherry Copenhaver                                                         Dawn Kepler
Paul Tomasek                                                                     Tom Potter
Sandy Maatsch                                                             
Charley Green
Dave Bankhead                                                                Ken O'Deen
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