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Now Booking for 2024! 

The Courthouse Square Museum is an excellent venue for parties, banquets, and weddings!
See below for application forms.

 For more information and to check availability, call (517) 543-6999 or email

Note: Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the calendar where we put the rented events on the Google Calendar.  Click on the month of your event to see if the courthouse and room(s) you want are already booked. Use this to verify your rental as well!

1845 Courthouse***

Located next to Bennett Park, the 1845 courthouse is a perfect venue for a small intimate affair. The room is an open floor plan and includes 65 chairs and 2 tables.  The grounds also serve as a lovely area if you are looking to host your reception under the stars.  ***Unfortunately, due to the lack of heat, the 1845 Courthouse cannot be rented from November through March. Note: The 1845 Courthouse is handicapped accessible. (The usual rental is $100.00 per event and requires a $50.00 deposit to hold your date. Download the 1845 Rental Application for details. The Buy Now button at the right may be used to make payment using Pay Pal. If only paying the $50.00 deposit with this, change the amount once you are in your own Pay Pal.)  The Pay now button may be used to pay by credit or debit card.)

1885 Courthouse

Located in the picturesque downtown Charlotte, the 1885 Courthouse is great for hosting your memorial, birthday party, family reunion, wedding (with space for an accompanying reception), or any other special event. The Courtroom seats approximately 190 people.  (The rental fee depends on what all is rented and requires a $100.00 deposit to hold your date. Download the 1885 Rental Application for details. The Buy Now button may be used to make payment by Pay Pal. Enter the amount of payment once in your own Pay Pal, which might be the $100.00 deposit, the actual rental fee, or the total of both.)  The Pay now button may be used to pay by credit or debit card.

Found your wedding venue but are looking for a place other than the courthouse to host your reception (or other gatherings) right here in Charlotte? We have many locations that we recommend:

  • VFW: (517)-543-1719

  • American Legion: (517)-543-1344

  • The Eaton Area Senior Center: (517)-541-2934

  • Camp Frances in Bennett Park: (517) 543-2750

  • Masonic Temple: (517) 543-0440

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1845 Courthouse Rental Form

1885 Courthouse Rental Form

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