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Project "Lift the Square!"

Thank You for your donations to support our project to add an elevator to the courthouse!

The proposed future 1885 Eaton County Courthouse elevator in Charlotte, MI

Courthouse Square Museum is very excited to bring the dream of an elevator to the courthouse after many years of attempting this project.  Follow our progress!

At long last, after many years of attempting to add an elevator to the courthouse, we have a design!  It will be an outside enclosed elevator (entrance located inside) and will access all three floors.

Courthouse Square Association is very thankful to Richard Trumley who donated funds in honor of his wife, Beverly. Dick has been a wonderful supporter of the museum for many years and through several projects.

 We now need to raise funds to add to his generous donation to complete this project.

We hope to be completed a little later in 2024. Come see us on the Square!

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Together We Give!

Please use our donate button above to support the Courthouse Elevator Project. I

See our booklet of the ten Civil War articles (from the County Journal this year), for a cost to you of just $10.00, which goes directly to the Elevator Fund!  Written by our own Rod Weaver. Stop in at the Courthouse to buy one or request one using the Donate Button (please add $3 for shipping).

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